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    3. Support Car Models: GM, SAAB, Opel, Suzuki, Isuzu, Holden Tags: GM TECH 2, gm diagnostic tool, gm scanner, Suzuki scanner, opel scanner Latest price: 349.00 317.59 275.71 AU464.17 39,088 Buy It Now:329.00 299.39 259.91 AU437.57 36,848 6 off 6 off 6 off 6 off 6 off pls select Language. GM English-SO22-C GM German-SO22-C6 GM Spanish-SO22-C10 GM Italian-SO22-C7 OPEL English-SO22-C2 OPEL German-SO22-C11 OPEL Italian-SO22-C9 OPEL Spanish-SO22-C8 Holden English-SO22-C5 SUZUKI English-SO22-C4 SAAB English-SO22-C1 ISUZU CANBUS -English-SO22-C3 ISUZU -K-line-English-SO22-C3K Blank Card Item No. SP168-B (38) New ICOM A2BC for BMW is upgrade.

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